The United Arab Emirates Civil Defense, under the direction of the Ministry of Interior, has a primary role to respond to fire and life safety emergencies as well as ensuring that safety solutions are installed and maintained in all buildings used by both the public and private sectors.

In 2018 the UAE Civil Defense established two strategic partnerships with specialized organizations to help support them in monitoring and verifying fire and life safety alarms across all types of establishments in the UAE.

The Intelligent Command and Control solution (Hassantuk Building), covering commercial buildings and tower blocks, was signed with Injazat Data Systems and the second agreement, signed with Etisalat, is to monitor and detect fire and smoke alarms in private homes (Hassantuk Home). Both solutions come under the banner of "Hassantuk", a name inspired by the UAE national anthem of the UAE meaning "secure and protect you"

Strategic linkage to the national agenda

The Hassantuk programme aims to support the achievement of the UAE National Agenda 2021 in becoming one of the safest countries in the world as well as sustaining the reduction of the rate of fires and fire related deaths compared to numerous countries worldwide.

About the project

  • The largest and first project of its kind, targeting over 500,000 buildings and private housing at a Federal level.
  • Initial implementation in high risk facilities such as hospitals, schools, universities, hotels and private residences.
  • Provision of Smart services with the promotion of safety and protection in buildings and houses using the continual monitoring of any fault or maintenance issue in the monitored safety systems by:
    • Raising alarms when a fire or life safety event is detected to allow the occupants to react and evacuate as quickly as possible.
    • Automatically sending the Alarm to the central Alarm Receiving Center within seconds and to verifying it as true or false.
    • Providing the exact location of the fire and the fastest route to reach it.
    • Automatically informing emergency services control rooms and civil defense centers to dispatch urgent assistance to the scene.
  • Civil defense will continually provide awareness and understanding, in coordination with the media, to all residents and building owners.
  • Direct registration for all properties via the Internet, mobile phone applications, and retail customer centers and call centers.